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Dogtech Dark Red Sport Harness

Dogtech Dark Red Sport Harness
22.16 EUR

Sport harness
  • Darkred sport harness. Equipped with a reflective strip at the front and a plastic buckle. With soft sponge lining.
    It remains durable and rugged, even under heavy use. Dogtech brand.

    Baby Mini XS S M L XL XXL XXXL
    A: 30-37cm 38-47cm 46-60cm 56-73cm 66-85cm 73-95cm 79-103cm 88-117cm 94-126cm

    B:29-34cm 30-36cm 36-42cm 50-61cm 51-62cm 55-69cm 61-72cm 64-74cm 66-79cm

    A: Waist
    B: Shoulder
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